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my story

Forever thankful for my 12th Christmas.

Thank was the year Santa brought me a camera.  A real camera.  A Pentax K-1000.

Film.   My first love. This is where my photo story begins.

Always with camera in hand from the beginning it seems.  Looking through the lens was like seeing the page of a storybook.  There were stories everywhere I looked.   


 I fell in love early with black and white prints.  So my adventure began.  In my 20's I discovered the old art of hand-tinting black and white prints.  For the next 20+ years that was my art.  Large scale portraits colored by hand with oil paints.  A dreamy medium.  I was smitten.

Years rolled by, babies came and the beautiful old art of hand-tinting was passing.  New ways of storytelling began.  Metalsmithing and oil painting.  But always my first love, photography was close by.

I love a good story.  I love telling yours through my photography.  

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